Expert Witness services

  • Initial Case Review

The purpose of the initial review is to determine whether the goals and facts of the case indicate whether or not the work of and expert witness can make a positive contribution  to the successful resolution of the case.

  • Case study and the Report

The case study method of scientific inquiry is generally used to evaluate the facts in the case. This includes, the review of all appropriate materials from the discovery process, and may include further data collection and analysis of information from additional sources, e.g. statutes, professional standards, State, and Federal reporting agencies, previous research findings from earlier studies. This information is recorded, tabulated and evaluated as it relates to the issues in the case.  A report of these findings and the opinion of the expert witness is prepared and presented.

  • Deposition

The expert witness is available for deposition prior to trial to allow the opposing counsel to question the expert about professional qualifications, evidence and data reviewed for the report, the scientific methods of evaluation used, and the conclusions the have been established in the Report.

  • Testimony at Trial

The expert witness appears at the trial to present the report of  evidence and conclusions reached and included in the Experts Report.